Below are packaged services, one-time services, & a note if none of these works for you…for current pricing, Contact me.

KILOBYTE (kB): Social Media Maintenance–Twitter & Facebook (existing accounts)

  • Tweet & update, up to 3 times/week
  • Research new Likes & Follows
  • Reply to mentions, DMs & messages

MEGABYTE (MB): WordPress Website Maintenance

  • Backup
  • Update theme & plugins
  • Run virus scan

GIGABYTE (GB): Online Event Submissions + Social Media Maintenance

  • Social Media Maintenance (kB)
  • Add Events to Facebook, up to 6/month
  • Post Events to online sites, up to 6/month
  • Prepare fliers, up to 2/month

TERABYTE (TB): WordPress Event Updates + WP Website Maintenance + Online Event Submissions + Social Media Maintenance

  • Social Media Maintenance (kB)
  • WP Website Maintenance (MB)
  • Online Event Submissions (GB)
  • Add Events to WP website, up to 6/month
  • Update Google Calendar, up to 6/month

PETABYTE (PB): Branding + all of the above…coming soon!

bits (Add-ins to above Byte Bundles)

  • Proof, edit & post blog to WP Website (written by you)
  • Write & submit press release, to up to 10 local &/or pertinent online or traditional publications
  • Prepare & send e-newsletter/e-zine, including list maintenance
  • Start additional social media profiles


  • Learn to tweet &/or post on Facebook Business Page
  • Learn to read your Google Analytics

One-time Services:

  • Set-up Twitter &/or Facebook account
  • Transfer existing website to new host
  • Type, edit & proof documents (proposals, reports, manuals, etc.) & presentations
  • Set-up Google Apps (includes 1-hour telephone training for your staff)

Or if none of the above works for your particular situation, Contact me to discuss:

  • Pay as You Go: You pay a flat hourly fee for the number of hours worked. I will estimate how long the project should take; you pay 50% at the start & the balance at the completion of the project.
  • Block of Time: A scheduled number of hours is set aside for you each month; you pay an hourly rate at the first of each month.