Do you need basic Marketing assistance?
…a press release to announce a milestone or special accomplishment?
…regular online submissions of your events, classes, workshops, etc.?
…grassroots marketing–the old-fashioned flier that you can post at local businesses?
…send a monthly e-newsletter/e-zine using MailChimp (free email service for lists under 2000 subscribers!)?
…update your Google Calendar on a regular basis (and have changes appear on your website)?

Or what about Social Networking? Of course you’ve heard about social networking, but it seems too weird, too technical, too “young” for your business…

  • You can learn to tweet! Or maybe you just want someone else to do it.
  • Should you start a blog? And why would you want to?
  • What’s the difference between your personal Facebook page and a Business page?

Or maybe your existing website is outdated, and you want to switch to WordPress? Or your WordPress website need regular changes and maintenance? Do you want to learn how to use Google Analytics?

Maybe you just need help with Communications with your clientele and/or employees?
…Need someone to type your proposals?
…Just want to outsource proofreading and editing?
…Or how about entering the “cloud” and set-up Google Apps for your business to use (with documents that can be edited by all at the same time)?

And if you just need a one-time project, JTypePlus can still help:
…Do you need to update your training manual?
…Are you presenting at a workshop, need help with your slides and handouts?
…Are you writing a book and want someone to type it?

These are just some of the services that JTypePlus provides.