“As Mad as Hell” & I’m Gonna Sit Here & Take It…?

If you were around in the 70’s, you may remember this scene from the movie Network. Or you’ve probably heard it referred to in a myriad of instances. Here we are–almost 40 years later…these words by character Howard Beale still ring true: “things are bad…“ “everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job…the […]

Blogging with No Purpose

So, as I begin Life Transformational Coaching, I’m looking at all aspects of my life. I’ve been mulling “coaching” for a while…discussed it with other Virtual Assistants. Have decided “definitely not,” “I can do this by myself,” “I can do it with an accountability partner,” “well…maybe a coach would be good,” “ok, this Stronger Business […]

I Could’ve Had a VA!

So, this morning, doing client work, I ran into lots of little things that my clients needed…little things including: posting birthday greetings on Facebook (nice bday song) paying the PO Box bill before the PO Box was closed out checking that the Worker’s Comp peeps received the payment before that was non-renewed answering a whole […]

Because I Like What I Wrote…

Here’s a bunch of old posts from my old blog (which I didn’t keep up). Quick PROCESSES Update So, while hyperfocusing on business PROCESSES, it was brought to my attention that my household duties can be written up and maybe, just maybe, it’ll help get my teen boys to do some… We’ll see…   (Fire […]