Blogging with No Purpose

belly danceSo, as I begin Life Transformational Coaching, I’m looking at all aspects of my life.

I’ve been mulling “coaching” for a while…discussed it with other Virtual Assistants. Have decided “definitely not,” “I can do this by myself,” “I can do it with an accountability partner,” “well…maybe a coach would be good,” “ok, this Stronger Business Workshop is what I need,” and you get the point. I’ve not made a concrete decision.

But as you see above, I’ve starting Life Transformational Coaching. Yes, it wasn’t a business coach I needed. Or a personal trainer for exercise. Or a counselor to discuss teen issues. No, I need to transform everything…’cause it’s intertwined. My business is my health is my children is…and it continues.

So, I’m hoping to blog about this experience. And I don’t expect anyone to be reading it. But I think it is a business issue…something my clients deal with daily too.

Let the journey begin…

…’cause, as a matter of fact, as we discovered on the train, tomorrow never happens…man. It’s all the same fucking day…man! Janis Joplin

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