I Could’ve Had a VA!

So, this morning, doing client work, I ran into lots of little things that my clients needed…little things including:

  • posting birthday greetings on Facebook (nice bday song)
  • paying the PO Box bill before the PO Box was closed out
  • checking that the Worker’s Comp peeps received the payment before that was non-renewed
  • answering a whole pile of emails with a multitude of minor questions…”do the kids sleep outside?” (it’s a day camp–says “day camp” all over the place), “how much is it?” (hello…read the webpage), “I didn’t get the email.” (check your “junk” mail…)
  • checking that the deposit made last week cleared so bills can be paid this week
  • and so on.

All little things, but all are required (well, the bday greetings aren’t required…just a nice touch) for these 4 businesses to run properly.

In the meantime, my website is in the middle of transformation, invoices need to be sent to clients, and don’t even get me started on the other bookkeeping (or lack thereof) that needs to be done. These are big things…and I’m not doing them for my own business.

NEVA_square_logoWhich leads me to “I Could’ve Had a VA!” Yes, that is what I need. Someone to take care of all the little tasks so I can focus on the big-ticket items. Now, if I could just get my crap together to figure out what I can outsource, then I’d be all set…stay tuned!


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