Because I Like What I Wrote…

Here’s a bunch of old posts from my old blog (which I didn’t keep up).

Quick PROCESSES Update

So, while hyperfocusing on business PROCESSES, it was brought to my attention that my household duties can be written up and maybe, just maybe, it’ll help get my teen boys to do some…

We’ll see…


(Fire Truck Sound)

I’ve been putting out fires for the last week…I’ve started working on the PROCESSES but certainly haven’t gotten as far as I could have…”should” have (thou shalt not “should” on thyself today).

Definitely got logged in way quicker/easier this time since I recorded my Blog Process last time. Yay!

The best way I’ve found to record the process is to do it WHILE you’re doing it. So, for my blog login it, it went like this:

May 6, 2012

Click Manage Account
Click Hosting Packages
Click Site Enhancement Tool
Click My Installed Apps
Click Blog1 Login Page

Voilà…I’m in!

I’ve been working on clients’ processes a bit more than my own…clients first! And I’m definitely seeing immediate results.

So, let’s continue working on PROCESSES for another week…or two…or six. And hopefully, we’ll hear fewer (fire truck sound). [note to self–learn how to add sound effects to WordPress]


Begin Where You Stand

Wow! After being on a year+ blogging hiatus, I have finally decided what I want to blog about…making money!

“Nothing new,” you say. BUT…this blog will be about how to get there from here.

Again, “nothing new.” BUT…the importance of doing it is new to me, and I think this new-to-me information can definitely help most, if not all, of my current clients.

So, here’s the first thing we need to do…


Record ’em.

That’s it.

And, while I was bubbling with excitement to blog about this, it took me over an hour of solid trial and error to actually log into my blog, which I haven’t logged into for quite a while…and the login information that I had recorded appeared to be incorrect.

Now, if I had the PROCESS written up, I would have been done by now. And proudly proceeding to market my wicked cool blog post.

Business PROCESSES–the documentation of related tasks that produce a service or product.

You need to record all PROCESSES…

* from what you need to do when a potential customer leaves a message

* to your weekly online marketing efforts…

* from the steps to hire a new subcontractor

* to your list of customers.

Not only will this documentation help you (like, when you can’t remember how to login to your blog…), if the unforseen happens, someone will be better equipped to handle your business on an emergency basis.

So, this week will be PROCESSES week. I’ll keep track (ah, document the process) of my progress and will report back at the end of the week.

Here’s to the first step!

Even the longest journey must begin where you stand.
An alternative translation of “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu, Chinese Philosopher, 604 BC-531 BC

It’s Been a Long Time…

I haven’t actively sought new clients for a while now. I’m not completely booked with clients and rolling in the dough or anything…I’m just busy with all the other stuff that comes with life.

So, I’m trying to put together a couple of introduction letters, and I can’t even get the first sentence out without having to fix/update something, i.e., my website, my blog, my Facebook situation…

And I’ve wasted the whole day, and I’ve taken care of a few things but I still haven’t gotten the letters done.

I need *me*. While I’m trying to do what I do best (take care of others’ *paperwork*), I’ve let mine slip. And so I can’t move my business forward because I need to catch up…

It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled; it’s been a long time since I did the stroll…ooohhh. Let me get it back, let me get it back, let me get it back, baby, where I come from. Led Zeppelin

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